The Petcube

Are you a pet owner who worries about you dog or cat when you are away? Petcube  is a simple solution. The Petcube is a small box that allows you to check up on your pet when you’re away by connecting to your smart phone or any other device. Petcube sends live video to your device so you can see your furry little friend, you can even talk and play games. It even comes equipped with a laser pointer(don’t worry it’s low-powered) if you want to mess with your cat. It’s not exactly breaking technology, very simple in fact, but I believe it would be useful for all pet owners that are constantly taking trips.


The SkyRanger

Aeryon Lab’s latest UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the SkyRanger. This marvelous little robot can deploy from a backpack in seconds and its unique design allows it to stay in the air with ease during bad weather or extreme temperatures. OK, well lots of UAV drones can stay up in a bit of bad weather, why is the SkyRanger so special?  True, most UAV drones are designed to fly in harsh weather, but can they take off in it? As I said before, SkyRanger can take off in seconds from anywhere, making it the most efficient UAV for search and rescue missions(which is exactly what rangers need it for). This drone was made for field work, comes equipped with arms, legs, and a camera. It can also resist 55 mph winds with no problem and works perfectly in temperatures ranging from -22 degree Fahrenheit to 122 degree Fahrenheit. The SkyRanger truly is the ultimate UAV. 

Google Glass

Google Glass or “Glasses” is a soon-to-be phenomenon sweeping the nation. It is the latest and greatest technology that, once released to the public, everyone will own. Now I know what you’re thinking, what dose it really do? How can it possibly be better than my iPhone? Google Glass allows you to do everything and more without even lifting a finger. Most of Glass’s applications are voice command, you can simply say “take video” or “call Mom” and it complies with your command. But if, for example, you’re in a loud room, how do you give a command and have Google Glass hear you? Well Apps are designed to combat situations such as these. For example, Mike DiGiovanni created Winky, an app that allows you to take a picture by winking instead of using a vocal command. There are countless other apps being designed to help Google Glass settle in society. Also, Google Glass can do things such as text, send photos and videos, listen to music(fun fact, the speakers are above your ears so you can listen and still hear others around you.), and access the internet. All of this pulls up in a tiny square in the upper right corner of the lens. But, like everything in this world, it’s not perfect. Google is still trying to add many other complex functions to the glasses such as the ability to pull up holographic images and videos. This idea and many others like it would no doubt be cool but some are borderline impossible and others are just hard to fit into Google Glass’s small, light frame. Also, as you may have noticed, Google Glass’s unique design is light enough to wear with ease but it will also stand out in crowds. It dose not look very natural, very weird actully. But who knows, 50 years from now everyone might be wearing one.

Thank you fro reading, The Scientist.

Machines On The Rise

Since time began humanity has built tools and machines to survive and adapt. It started simple with spears and bronze but than became more complex with the invention of cars and planes. We are now at the peak of technological success with inventions such as artificial hearts and all kinds of breakthroughs in medical technology. We can replace almost every human body part, but is that a good thing? I do think it is great that we are able to save people’s live and all, but has the latest upgrade gotten out of hand? Researchers and scientists have created robots made out of programmable living tissue. It is extremely useful and can mend a broken heart, taking away the need for an artificial one. This “Bionic Tissue” is a hybrid material composed of cardiac cells, gel and carbon nanotubes. Muscles made out of this living tissue have the potential to give robots superior strength and other physical properties. And not only that, but its programmable. They can be programmed to swim, move back and forth, and more. This is all incredible but, is it too far? I’m in no way saying robots will rise up and enslave mankind, that’s ridiculous. But I do think we should take these things a bit slower and try to understand them more, it might even prove beneficial.

Rats With… Telepathy?

Researchers from Duke university experimented by allowing two rodents to communicate with each other using brain waves. It first began by placing two rats in separate cages. Each was able to solve puzzles with microelectrodes, a wire 1/100 the width of a human hair, implanted in their brains. The rats were able to solve the puzzle together by sensing the others intentions and actions, even when they couldn’t see each other. The same experiment was than conducted except the rats were thousands of miles apart. One in North Carolina and one in Brazil, the rats were still able to communicate telepathically! This is the first time an animal has directly understood another animal through telepathy.

Update On The Dragon Space Capsule

The weather was great, the rocket looked fine, and everything looked perfect. Perfect… until the launch. Lucky for SpaceX, the issue is in their capability to fix. What happened was, right when the Dragon was about to launch, three of the four thruster pods gave out and the Dragon failed to even start the mission. The resupply mission will still happen, but just a bit later than planned.