Sun’s Cool Layer Is Found Somewhere Else

Alpha Centauri A, the sun’s twin, seems to posses a strange quality similar to the sun. Both stars contain a cool layer in the atmosphere. This has puzzled scientists time after time. The corona, or outer atmosphere, is millions degrees hotter than the photosphere, or sun’s surface. The odd part though, is that a cool layer is squished in between the corona and photosphere. This layer is called the chromosphere and can get as cold as 7,300 degree Fahrenheit(4,000 degree Celsius) . This is 3,000 degree Fahrenheit difference from the photosphere( which is around 10,000 degree Fahrenheit or 6,000 degree Celsius). The same thing is on Alpha Centauri A. Until now, this unusual structure has only been found on the Sun but now the Sun’s twin shares the strange cool layer.