Google Glass

Google Glass or “Glasses” is a soon-to-be phenomenon sweeping the nation. It is the latest and greatest technology that, once released to the public, everyone will own. Now I know what you’re thinking, what dose it really do? How can it possibly be better than my iPhone? Google Glass allows you to do everything and more without even lifting a finger. Most of Glass’s applications are voice command, you can simply say “take video” or “call Mom” and it complies with your command. But if, for example, you’re in a loud room, how do you give a command and have Google Glass hear you? Well Apps are designed to combat situations such as these. For example, Mike DiGiovanni created Winky, an app that allows you to take a picture by winking instead of using a vocal command. There are countless other apps being designed to help Google Glass settle in society. Also, Google Glass can do things such as text, send photos and videos, listen to music(fun fact, the speakers are above your ears so you can listen and still hear others around you.), and access the internet. All of this pulls up in a tiny square in the upper right corner of the lens. But, like everything in this world, it’s not perfect. Google is still trying to add many other complex functions to the glasses such as the ability to pull up holographic images and videos. This idea and many others like it would no doubt be cool but some are borderline impossible and others are just hard to fit into Google Glass’s small, light frame. Also, as you may have noticed, Google Glass’s unique design is light enough to wear with ease but it will also stand out in crowds. It dose not look very natural, very weird actully. But who knows, 50 years from now everyone might be wearing one.

Thank you fro reading, The Scientist.