New Species Of Venomous Snake Appears In Honduras

Named after Don Guifarroi, a conservationist who was murdered in Honduras while doing some environmental work, this snake is one of the most beautiful(and venomous) on the planet. Its name, Bothriechis guifarroi. This spectacular snake was at first confused with other Honduran Pit Vipers because the similar color and pattern but it is, in fact, a new species. The odd part is that it is more closely related to other snakes 600 km south in the mountains of Costa Rica than others in Honduras. The viper was discovered in 2010 in the Texiguat Wildlife Refuge and thought to be a new species and was recently verified. Bothriechis guifarroi was only one of the many other species located at this wildlife refuge such as the Central American tapirs, jaguars, sloths, and many other incredible animals. Back to Bothriechis guifarroi, scientists have already classified it as Critically Endangered due to the utter lack of them, well, anywhere.

Thanks for reading, The Scientist.